Mudra: Energetic Seal

Mudras become the placeholder for my energy to remember what it's like to fell whole and connected.  This gesture attunes my body, breath and mind to one single stream. It anchors me to the here and now.  Uniting all of the pieces and parts of myself within the simplicity of palms pressing or index finger and thumb touching.  Each time I touch my palms together my begin remembers what my nature is meant to be and the tension and anxiety melt away.

Moving in and out of asanas brings a sense of recognition, also.  As you fill the shape with breath and energy or notice how the breath and energy changes within a shape, we become more attuned to our own presence. When a pose feels easy, I feel ease. In more challenging poses, my focus and attention are challenged in ways that actually the pushing and pulling to soften. 

Any gesture - outward or inward - leaves an imprint.  A smile, a kindness, these shape you in incremental ways.  Depending on the day, these things might have the power to alter our state of mind, if we allow it to.  Frequent small gestures pave the way for changes and shifts within our practice.  

Shakti: the energizing and animating principle of the Universe

In the quiet stillness of the morning, my breath is soft and steady, my mind undisturbed by the pull of the external.  The energetic quality of my being in this moment is in a state of equanimity.

Stillness, the act of being. Movement the act of becoming.  The two interwoven into the fibers of my body.  Asanas hold a container for energy and breath.  My steady meditation seat a vehicle for shake to do her dance of thought, images and memory - floating, intermingling in the space of my mind.  Tap into the steadier rhythm of breath to tame, to quell, to soothe . . . 

I forget that this energizing principle is also at play in my daily life.  The ebb and flow of motivation and inspiration coming and going like waves on the shore.  There are moments of quiet reflection and moments of action.  Shakti's untapped potential is always there, waiting to bring forth inspired moments of creativity and resourcefulness, but it is the moments spent in stillness that make space for her to invigorate and animate.

As my body settles into a pose, the breath inspires more connection, fuels a sense of spaciousness.  The steadiness of my gaze, whether towards an internal or external point, allows the mind to quiet, to let go of enactment and take a step closer to embodiment.