Elements of Ease: Remember

I once heard a fellow yoga teacher describe practice as a means to feel a little bit better about ourselves.  In this regard, yoga is the tool that can be used to remember that we are already whole and complete, even in the midst of pain, suffering and turmoil.  

As yoga practitioners, we dive deep into the inner world of felt sensation and breath as a way to examine our inherent nature and patterns.  I often think of this process as a gathering of all of the different pieces and parts of ourselves that have been scattered and pulled apart just through the act of showing up in the world.  When we let the body yield and the breath move freely all encompassed in inquiry the natural progression is to glimpse, embrace and allow a sense of wholeness.  And in this allowing we begin to remember.  

We remember that we aren't our busy-ness, obligations, roles and responsibilities, but rather intuitive, wise, playful, loving, compassionate and deeply vulnerable.