"The Beginner Yoga Series was outstanding.  Margo has created a curriculum such that by the end of the series I felt comfortable with the idea that I can practice yoga and build my practice slowly but steadily.  Her use of props in her own demonstrations was reassuring and I now feel comfortable using them as needed in larger classes, which opens up a lot more possibilities for practice.  Encouragement to take poses to the next level was gentle but sincere and hands-on adjustments were always done in such a way that I really learned about the pose and how it should feel-- it was a teaching moment, not a correction." - Gail



"I love Margo’s style and her understanding of yoga. She reminds her students that yoga is about finding balance and peace in your body and mind.  She is excellent at adapting to all levels and differentiating during class so that everyone can experience the benefit of a pose without any judgement around how your body moves or does not move.  She expresses a welcoming warm energy and allows her students to be who they are and have fun.  I have taken a class at the same time slot for almost two years now and have enjoyed every class.  No class is exactly the same and it is clear that every class has been thought out with purpose and passion, from the order of the poses to the music we move to.  I would recommend a class with Margo to people just learning about yoga to those who have been practicing for a lifetime.  She is a gift to our community!" - Jocelyn


"I have been taking vinyasa flow classes from Margo for over a year now, and I can honestly say that she has all the qualities that make a great teacher. She's warm, patient, extremely knowledgeable, passionate about yoga, and she continually encourages her students to grow and deepen their practice. But what I think really sets Margo apart from other teachers is her tremendous generosity of spirit that makes each one of her students feel valuable. When Margo is with you, you truly feel how present she is and how much she cares. I highly recommend her to anyone who's looking for a great workout inside and out!" ~ Jennifer Davis

"I do still feel the benefits of the Heart and Soul sessions.  I know myself a lot better mentally and physically.  Doing those classes has given me many tools to use to help me check in with myself, ground, center and balance myself.  Whether it's using meditation, writing in my journal or doing a home yoga practice.  I feel that whenever life gets a little tough I can now do something about it!  Which is huge." ~ Michaela Klinkel