Movement in Stillness: A Restorative Yoga Teacher Immersion

March 6 - 8, 2020

20 Hour Continuing Education Course for Yoga Teachers, therapists, social workers, massage therapists and curious students. 

Restorative Yoga draws upon the use of yoga props to allow a profound release of tension on several layers of the mind/body network. By giving students a space to settle into their experience on a physical, emotional and energetic level, they begin to turn on their own capacity to heal; to bring their overtaxed nervous systems into a space of balance and harmony.

Forward Facing Twist - Restorative Pose

Forward Facing Twist - Restorative Pose

This training is designed using the koshas (5 layers of the energetic body) as a container to develop as a Restorative Yoga teacher. Moving students’ awareness from simple to complex allows for a gentle unfolding of their own unique experience. Practitioners begin to embody a deep sense of rejuvenation, even at a cellular level. A shift in emotional holding patterns is initiated, thus relieving the effects of anxiety and depression and reducing overall levels of stress and tension.

Teaching any style of yoga, is both a science and an art. Therefore we will discuss the latest in research surrounding relaxation tools and techniques. In addition, guidance will be given on the use of theme, environment and voice as a way to create a nourishing experience.

Supta Badha Konasana - Restorative Pose

Supta Badha Konasana - Restorative Pose

This 20 hour course will include practice, discussion, lecture and practicum. (Meets Yoga Alliance requirements for Continuing Education hours.)

• the benefits of restorative yoga
• how to appropriately sequence a Restorative Yoga class to
maintain the quality of ease
• how to incorporate a theme to create an experience of guided
imagery and meditation
• appropriate Pranayama for a Restorative Yoga class
• hands-on assists and verbal cueing
• a reference of Restorative Yoga poses

If you are interested in hosting this training at your studio, please contact Me for details.


"I have had the great pleasure and honor of studying with Margo Rosingana over the past year, most recently attending her Restorative Yoga workshop “Movement in Stillness.” As a student of yoga, it’s important to learn the physical with the subtle, and Margo has this amazing ability to guide you through both, helping you as a student and a teacher to understand where you are in your personal and professional journey.  Her depth of knowledge in any material she is presenting paired with her incredible teaching style (calm, clear and thorough) makes her classes enriching and insightful. Margo’s teaching voice and style is so engaging and easy to follow, she should have her own app. 

My expectations of Movement in Stillness would have been to simply learn restorative poses and maybe benefits and some history. Of course, it was Margo teaching, so we got much more than that. I’ve already shared information I learned about some of the science and research of Restorative Yoga with my clients, and feel newly inspired and excited about implementing some of the teaching themes and ideas I gained from her class. With ample resources provided, poses, class structure and language ideas, I am so grateful to her for presenting this material as she did. (Thank you Margo!)" - Sara Lee Franklin 

“Margo is a talented and thorough teacher, who has a deep knowledge and expertise in Restorative Yoga. As a result of participating in her workshop, I significantly increased my knowledge of how the principles of Restorative Yoga can be effectively applied to my work as a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, working with individuals who have experienced trauma.” - Laura Gottfried, LCSW