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Sarah whitridge

Sarah Whitridge is a 400hr yoga teacher and Qoya facilitator. Sarah found Qoya after the birth of her second son and became aware she had post-natal depression. Qoya offered her a way to commune with the divine, connect and trust her inner wisdom and express her feelings through movement. She danced her way through the darkness back into the light. Qoya (pronounced "Koi-ya") is an intuitive movement practice for those who identify as a woman. It is an embodied practice that draws on the wisdom of yoga, the wild expression of free form movement and the freedom to express ourselves as women in a safe space. Over the past year she has been training to lead Qoya classes with founder Rochelle Schieck and mentors. She is dedicated in sharing this powerful practice so that other women may also travel the path of feeling fully into life, of RE-remembering their true essence and connecting with one another through conversation, movement and laughter. 

Sarah was born and raised in England/Ireland and has been living in Portland for 7 years. She resonates with all these identities: mama, yogi, witch, light-worker, adventurer, gardener, interior designer.