Private Yoga Lessons

One-on-one or small group yoga sessions can be a gateway to bringing in sustainable change to your health and well-being. Through individualized attention, we create a  yoga experience that resonates with you. There are many reasons one might consider private sessions: a desire and a curiosity to deepen your practice and focus on alignment; heal an injury; jump start a wellness routine; or explore the connection between heart and mind. I can tailor your one-on-one sessions to meet the needs of your body and ability.

Integrated Vinyasa

I use mindful sequencing to move the body through a series of progressions. Each progression introduces key actions in an effort to open, integrate and align the body safely. Proper alignment allows one to find freedom and soulful expression in a pose. Once the body is integrated, you can sustainably and confidently move through a vinyasa flow sequence.

In an one-on-one session, you will find that the individualized attention will give you a greater understanding and feeling of alignment in your body. Hands-on adjustments and break down of a pose or sequence will deepen the way you embody this practice.

Restorative Yoga

This deeply nourishing restorative practice uses poses that create spine integration and lengthening, while opening in a supportive way.  Through the use of guided imagery, Pranayama, guided meditation around heart-centered themes, you will enter into a state of intentional rest. This is the ultimate practice of rejuvenation that leaves you feeling supported and inspired to live from your unique heart and soul.


Learn contemplative and mindfulness techniques to explore your own interior space.  These sessions are a great way to jump start a meditation practice to bring more awareness into the ever-changing, always unfolding path of your life.

Online scheduling


Cancellation Policy: 24 hours notification of session cancellation is required. If 24 hours notice is not provided (illness and emergencies being exempt), you will be required to pay for that session.