Weaving the Elements of Ease:

Refining the fundamentals of teaching Restorative yoga

A 3 Workshop Series

These 3 workshops build on the work that was presented in Movement in Stillness, my signature Restorative yoga teacher training.  As sincere students and teachers,  we understand that we are constantly evolving and exploring new ways of being.   In that respect, I offer 3 continuing education courses that are meant to foster your understanding of what Restorative yoga is and can be.  

Each workshop will provide a combination of learning modalities: lecture, practice, discussion and hands-on experience.  We'll explore tools and techniques that you will help hone your skill as a Restorative yoga teacher and deepen your understanding of what it means to allow students to find stillness.  Join for one or all 3! 

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    Savasana: The Art of





March 3, 2018



Margos Magic Session-11.jpg

The Heart of the Matter: Supported Back Bends to Inspire + Uplift

March 31, 2018

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           Internal Revolution:


             Twists and Forward



May 5th, 2018